Images of So-Called Unannounced iPhone Model Parts Emerge

Siri App on iPhone 5 | Apple Official Website

Siri App on iPhone 5 | Apple Official Website

New photos regarding the components of an unannounced iPhone model surfaced across the World Wide Web last week. The said handset parts, which are possibly bound for either the low-cost iPhone or next-generation model, are the dock connector flex and loudspeaker.

Rumored Dock Connector Flex for Upcoming iPhone Models

First spotted by French website Nowhere Else, Chinese part retailer—TVC-Mall—posted the pictures of the said iPhone components. Although there are similarities between the Lightning Connector/Headphone Jack found on the iPhone 5 and those on the leaked images, the authenticity of the said hardware is yet to be verified.

What’s interesting about the dock connector flex, though, is that it appears to carry Apple’s proprietary Lightning dock connector. However, some parts of it vary from the component existing on iPhone 5.

The purported connector flex has a slightly modified connector, redesigned pressure contacts, and repositioned grounding points. It also has slightly altered sidewall mounting structures that appear to be minutely offset. Meanwhile, the rest of the hardware carries similar electronics as the current iPhone model.

Unannounced iPhone’s Loudspeaker Component

On the other hand, the unannounced iPhone’s loudspeaker component has a slightly larger and squared-off resonance chamber, as well as relocated ground contacts. This part is identical to another speaker that was leaked last January.

Rumors of a next-generation iPhone gained traction recently, as Apple’s annual refresh cycles is coming to an end. Nevertheless, all of these claims will be confirmed later this year once the Cupertino-based company makes it official announcement.

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