You Can Plug an XBox 360 to an XBox One?

Microsoft's Xbox One | Official Website

Microsoft’s Xbox One | Official Website

In an interview with Reddit Game during the E3 2013 event, Xbox LIVE’s Director Larry Hryb—aka Major Nelson—revealed that users can plug an Xbox 360 to an Xbox One. That is with the help of the upcoming game console’s HDMI-in port.

Although he stopped short at explaining why a user would do that, but it is possible that users might want to use the Xbox One’s user interface. In addition, players can take advantage of the console’s multi-tasking features while playing.

As for a Windows 8 PC plug-in, there’s no specific confirmation given but it is a possibility. As stated by Major Nelson:

It’s the only console right now that has HDMI-in, and it’s going to absolutely allow you to plug in your, for instance, your cable, your set-top box.

He also pointed out that the Xbox One is designed for flexibility, which is why it remains unknown how long the Xbox One game licenses will last. As to game licenses that are tied to Xbox LIVE accounts, Major Nelson said, “You will always have access to the games you’ve purchased.”

Major Nelson was also pressed about Xbox One’s 24-hour online DRM check, but he noted a familiar line regarding flexibility and sharing games with other members of the family.

We think it’s going to be more flexible for the future, and that’s kind of what Xbox One is all about. We’ve looked towards the future and said, “This is where the gaming industry is going”, and we want gamers to come with us on this journey…


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