Sony Reveals Changes to PS4 PlayStation Plus

Sony's PlayStation 4 with DualShock Controllers and PlayStation Camera | Wikipedia

Sony’s PlayStation 4 with DualShock Controllers and PlayStation Camera | Wikipedia

With the arrival of the PlayStation 4 in the market, Sony has detailed some changes that will be implemented to PlayStation Plus in relation to the upcoming gaming console. In an interview with gaming website Video Gamer during E3 2013, Sony UK Managing Director Fergal Gara said:

A PlayStation Plus subscriber for PlayStation 4 comes away with a hell of a lot. First of all, the subscription applies across all three platforms [PS4, PS3 and PS Vita], so if you have the three platforms then you have an instant game collection on all three. So that’s hugely powerful in its own right.

The PlayStation Plus changes on PS4 are as follows:

  • Access to auto-updates and PS4’s “social features” will not require a PlayStation Plus subscription.
  • Catch-up TV and online movie services will be free for all PS4 users, but an additional fee is needed to access back-catalogue PS3 titles once the Gaikai streaming service becomes available in 2014.
  • PlayStation Plus account is required to access PS4’s online multiplayer functionality to help improve PlayStation Network’s performance and to lower downtimes.

Although some services are limited to PlayStation Plus subscribers only, it appears to be more open than Microsoft’s Xbox LIVE. The Xbox LIVE service blocks users from accessing services such as Netflix and 4OD unless they are an Xbox LIVE Gold subscriber.

What remains to be unknown is whether PS4 owners will need to pay an additional fee to access PS3 streaming service via Gaikai.

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