5 Reasons the Miami Heat Will Win Game 7 of the 2013 NBA Finals

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The 2013 NBA Finals have been interesting to say the least. It’s been a series of blowouts and historic performances. And, Game 6 of the series may have made it one of the most memorable finals in recent years. But, there’s still Game 7 to be played on Thursday night. And once the clock hits zero, the 2013 NBA Champions will be crowned. By now we’re certain that you’ve all heard and seen the amazing and wild Game 6 of the NBA Finals. We’re even positive that you heard about all those Heat “fans” who left the arena when their team was down by a mere four points with 28 seconds on the clock.

If the previous six games have given us any indication on what to expect during the following game it’s been that the Spurs have won all the odd games, while the Heat have come out on top during the evens, If you go by this pattern, then the Spurs will capture Game 7, and the title.

But, it doesn’t look that simple now. Unfortunately for Tim Duncan and company, LeBron James is going to get his second NBA Championship. And, here’s why Miami will get the job done on Thursday night.

5. The Heat Figured Out How to Stop Danny Green


Chris Bosh may not have completely shut down Danny Green like he promised prior to Game 6, but the Heat did manage to slow down Green’s productivity. After making history by setting a NBA Finals record with 25 three-pointers, Green went 1-of-5 on three-pointers during Game 6. After getting lite up by Green throughout the entire series, it looks like Miami has made adjustments to stop Green. Don’t look for Miami to allow Green to get hot again. Especially not in Game 7.

4. San Antonio’s Big Three Are Hurting


Following the game, the Spurs looked spent. Particularly their ‘Big 3’. Tim Duncan had a remarkable Game 6, 30 points and 17 rebounds, but 25 of those 30 points came in the first half. And, he’s 37 years old. Then, there’s Tony Parker who has been battling a hamstring injury since Game 3. But, it gets worse. Manu Ginobili had 8 turnovers in Game 6. That’s tough to overcome.

The Spurs had the lead for the majority of the last night, which would have wrapped up the series. Now, they’re faced with a Game 7 with their ‘Big Three’ hurting and out of energy. They have a couple of days to recover, but it’s not looking good.

3. Miami Has Better Shooters


Hate to admit it, but the Heat don’t need Dwayne Wade or Chris Bosh to get hot when they have shooters like Mario Chalmers and Ray Allen. Chalmers scored 20 points on 7 for 11 shooting and 4 for 5 from 3-point range in Game 6. The point guard loves big games, and it won’t get much bigger than Game 7. As for Ray Allen, he’s only the best three-point scorer in the history of the game. Look for him to be a hero once again in Game 7.

2. The Spurs Had Their Hearts Ripped Out


As noted earlier, the Spurs had this series finished. They were on their way to their fifth championship. The preparations were being made for the victory. Fans had left. And, now San Antonio is heading into a Game 7. It’s understandable that the team is “devastated”. It was a heartbreaking loss, and it’s going to be difficult to rebound. Miami has the best momentum of the series right now and they’re going to use it for the victory in Game 7.

1. LeBron Will Be in Beast Mode


Do we even need to explain this further? LeBron has proven time and time again that he’s the best in the world. And, he’s going to be in beast mode when the ball tips at 9 p.m. at American Airlines Arena in Miami this Thursday. The Spurs, and their fans, should be afraid. Very afraid.

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