James Gandolfini “Tony Soprano” Dies from Heart Attack at 51

James Gandolfini, who is best known for his alpha male role of Tony Soprano, has died in Italy of an apparent heart attack at the age of 51. The Sopranos was a major hit on HBO and secured James Gandolfini’s legacy as the man who ran the New Jersey mob family, The Sopranos, for life. Beforehand, Gandolfini was a character actor, probably best known for his role as the drug hitman in Tarantino & Tony Scott’s True Romance.

We at AMOG.com will always remember James Gandolfini for his role as Tony Soprano, the proprietor of a strip club, meat deli and numerous other mob fronts. He will go down in history as a great actor, and character, and a man that all Alpha Males can admire.

Tony Soprano

RIP James Gandolfini.

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