Development in Progress: ‘Deep Down’ for PS4

"Deep Down" for PlayStation 4 | Official PlayStation US Website

“Deep Down” for PlayStation 4 | Official PlayStation US Website

In a tweet posted by Yoshinori Ono, director of Deep Down, last Wednesday, he said that the game is making a steady progress for PlayStation 4. There is also a hint of “solo mode” based on the tweet’s rough Google translation.

Deep down and steadily (provisional), ongoing development! PS4 version of solo play has been able to. The ~ I wonder if I can soon show off in front…

In addition, Ono posted a picture of a Blanka toy and a DualShock controller in front of a flat screen with the game running on it. Due to this, the director’s post leads to the following conclusions: Deep Down will be a PS4 exclusive, and that it will feature a single-player mode. It is also expected that an announcement will take place soon.

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