Dad Rents Out Movie Theater So Son Can Play Games on a Really Big Screen for His Birthday


There’s your typical birthday parties as a kid at Chuck E. Cheese or the pool, and then there’s the really awesome birthday party that a boy named Jonah just had for his 13th birthday.

Jonah’s dad, Travis, spent a mere $300 to rent out Jacksonville’s historic Sun-Ray Cinema. And, for the next five hours, Jonah and his friends had the theater to themselves. Oh yeah. They also had unlimited pizza, popcorn, and soda.

But, Jonah’s birthday just wasn’t having a movie theater to himself to watch a couple of movies. Instead, his dad hooked up his Xbox to the $80K digital projector in the theater and the group played Fallout 3, Skyrim, Minecraft, Halo, COD Black Ops II, and Portal for the next five hours. Yep. This kid spent five hours playing video games in a movie theater. Besides playing games on a huge screen, they were also treated to the theater’s surround sound, which “was insane.”

Before anyone assumes that this is just some spoiled brat, there’s more to the story. Here’s what Nona Raybern of the Daily of the Day had to say about Jonah:

And just in case you were thinking that Jonah must be extremely spoiled, let me just tell you something totally awesome that will make you think, “Man, that kid really deserved an awesome party.” Jonah has Type 1 Diabetes and regularly does fundraising events for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and The Walk To Cure Diabetes. A pretty cool kid that deserves a cool birthday party.”


One of the best parts about this story, besides a great kid getting an awesome party, is that it’s going to allow more people to try and do this sort of thing. I’m in my 30s with a birthday coming up and I’m thinking about heading down to this theater in Florida for my b-day. Seriously. Five hours of video-game playing. In a movie theater. With unlimited pizza. What else does a guy need?

Besides having probably the greatest birthday party in his life, Jonah also probably has one of the greatest dads ever. Kudos Travis.

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