Value of Professional Sports Trophies – Infographic

Have you ever wondered how much that championship trophy that everyone is hoisting and kissing after a victor has been decided really worth? If so, then the people over at Toronto Gold have done all the leg work for your curiosity.

The following graph explores the melt value of five professional sports trophies (the Stanly Cup, Lombardi Trophy, Commissioner’s Trophy, Larry O’Brien Trophy, and FIFA World Cup Trophy) by the metal that was used to make each trophy.

Besides finding out how much these coveted trophies are worth, the graph shares some interesting facts surrounding these sports icons, such as when they were commissioned and who designed each one. It’s a nifty little illustration that could definitely come in handy when the next trophy is awarded. Just think about you dropping some knowledge when David Stern hands over the Larry O’Brien Trophy next time around, like the fact that Tiffany & Co. was behind the design and it was commissioned in 1977. Or, how about the fact the original Stanley Cup is now only on display at the Hockey Hall of Fame. You just might impress some people.

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