5 Reasons Every Man Should Buy a Pair of Dita Sunglasses


Since Summer has officially arrived, why put off getting a fresh pair of shades any longer? Sunglasses not only protect your eyes from Mr. Sun, they can also be an extremely stylish accessory. Of course, not all sunglasses are created equal, which is why choosing a proper pair is of the utmost importance.

While there are a number of popular brands that manufacture what could be considered quality sunglasses, the fact is that many times we’re purchasing an expensive pair of glasses because of the brand name. Other times, we pick out a pair because it’s the latest trend. But, there’s one brand that rises above the others. And, chances are, you’ve never even heard of them.

The brand in question is called Dita. The company was launched in 1996 by lifelong friends Jeff Solorio and John Juniper, which now produces some of the most covetable sunglasses on the market. Dita sunglasses are so superior that we’re confident in saying that every man should own a pair. How come? Check out our five reason below.

5. Be Like Your Favorite Celebrity


We’re not ones to cop every style that a celebrity wears, but you have to admit that many celebs are in the know. Unlike most of us, they have the connections and resources to be ahead of the fashion curve, which is the case with Dita. Some very cool and influential celebs like Brad Pitt, Jamie Foxx, Diddy, Joel McHale, and Lenny Kravitz have been supporting the brand for years. If there’s a group of celebrities that we would want to copy, it would definitely be this group. They know style.

4. The Right Design For The Right Look


Many brands offer collections that either go out of style or do not fit a man’s face properly. But, that’s not the case with Dita. Besides offering a wide variety of styles, shapes and colors, the brand focuses on the frame, as opposed to its name or logo. By featuring a subtle logo, a wearer can focus simply on the frames and not worry about the logo getting in the way of his style. More importantly Dita’s eye-wear designs are based off of vintage frames from the 50s through the 80s that are timeless shapes that will always be in.

3. Dita’s Exclusivity Will Make You Stand Out


One of the best things about Dita is the fact that they are minimally branded and produced in-house. Dita also does not have major ad campaigns, sponsored wearers or mass-market retailers, which makes their products very exclusive. Owning a pair of Dita sunglasses will without a doubt make you stand out from the masses. Not too many people in the general population will be rocking a pair of Dita shades like you would if you pick up a pair. And, you’ll be getting a lot of inquires on where you got such a pair of glasses. That’s always an excellent ice-breaker with the ladies.

2. They’re Handmade


Every pair of Dita glasses is handmade in Japan. There’s probably no other designer that still does such. Because each pair is handmade, you can be certain that the attention to detail is unmatched and that these are the highest of quality glasses on the market.

1. Dita Uses Only the Best Materials for Sunglasses


You may be telling yourself that just because a pair of Dita glasses is handmade doesn’t exactly mean that they’re made out of quality materials. Well, you’d be mistaken. Dita only uses the highest quality materials such as: titanium, 18K gold, white gold, and Japanese zyl acetates.

If you’ve never heard of Japanese ‘Zyl’ Acetate, just know that it’s plant-derived and is known for its superior sustainability and quality. In fact, there are many people that believe it’s the best material in the world for glasses because it has a more natural, less ‘plasticky’ feel. Also, because Dita frames are cut from large blocks of this acetate, this ensures the strength and uniformity of each and every pair. Finally, Dita has signature ‘hex’ rivets that create a stronger and more substantial look and feel.

While Dita glasses aren’t cheap, they’re actually not that much more than what you would pay for a pair from Ray-Ban or Prada. But, because the quality is so excellent, Dita glasses will last you a lifetime. They’re definitely worth the investment.

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