The 12 Best Beach Beers



For awhile it didn’t feel like summer was actually going to arrive, but it’s officially here. Now that the mercury is rising, and the 4th of July is right around the corner, it’s time to pack up and head to the beach.

A trip to the beach, however, just isn’t complete without a refreshing ice-cold brew. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of people out there that just grab watery and flavorless beers for their day in the sun. But, your vacation will seriously be much more enjoyable if you’re relaxing at the shore while sipping on a quality beer.

Instead of the lower-quality beers that have been filling up your cooler in the past, here are the 12 best beach beers.

12. Bell’s Oarsman Ale

This Michigan based ale uses a classic German brewing technique for a light, refreshing tartness that also has notes of citrus and herbal. While it can be enjoyed purely on its own, the tartness also makes it a great option for food pairings.

11. Cigar City Brewing Co. Florida Cracker

This White Ale from Tampa will definitely draw comparisons to Blue Moon, but it has a more unique taste that will quench your thirst. At the beginning, the flavor has a citrus with coriander notes that lead into a lemon/lime notes, but it finishes citrus and flowers.

10. Smuttynose Summer Weizen Ale

Brewed specifically for the summer, this New Hampshire offering is light, tasty, and full of character. Because it’s lightly hopped and fermented with a Belgian wit yeast, the end result is a tangy and refreshing flavor that will please any Lager-lover.

9. Blue Point Brewing Summer Ale

We’re big fans of Blue Point’s Toasted Lager, so we weren’t surprised that their Summer Ale was another exceptional selection. This light, thirst-quenching brew has a substantial portion of wheat malt added to a traditional barley malt mix, which gives it an original tartness flavor.

8. NOLA Brewing Blonde Ale

This was the first NOLA Brewing creation, which is a medium-bodied traditional American blonde ale. It has a beautiful Golden color and is a perfect blend of bitter and sweet. Plus, it’s very smooth and goes down like water.

7. Kona Fire Rock Pale Ale

When you think of beaches, Hawaii has to come to mind. Which is why Kona Brewing obviously made this list. Their “Hawaiian-style” pale ale has a signature copper color with citrus-floral hop aromas, which comes from the amounts of Galena, Cascade and Mt.Hood hops added to each batch.

6. Baxter Brewing Summer Swelter

This was Baxter’s first unfiltered offering, which is flavored with Kaffir lime leaves and lemongrass. This unique seasonal option has a crisp bitterness because the blend of citrusy American hops. A perfect summer beer served in a can that won’t get tiring.

5. Founders Rubaeus

Founders, a Michigan stand-out brewery, is always pushing the limits with unique flavors and their Rubaeus selection is no different. Besides featuring five separate stages in the brewing process, it’s made with fresh raspberries.

4. 21st Amendment Hell or High Watermelon

At first this may sound like a bad idea, but you have to trust the San Fran brewery. After all, watermelon is the essential summertime treat. And, believe it or not, the watermelon actually goes nicely with the grains and hops.

3. Breckenridge SummerBright Ale

You would think that a Colorado based brewery wouldn’t pull off a beach beer, but Breckenridge did just that. This Golden Ale is light, crisp, and clean that has mild spices and a slight tartness making for the perfect beach companion.

2. Dogfish Head Festina Peche

Since this Berliner Weisse-style craft brew originated not too far from the beaches of Delaware, it’s a no-brainer that Dogfish Head would know a little something about a quality beach beer. But what makes Festina Peche really stand out are the complex fruit flavors thanks to it being fermented with peaches.

1. Anderson Valley Summer Solstice Ale

This California craft beer offering has been nicknamed “cream soda for adults,” since it’s full of caramel flavors and unique spice flavors. Yet, despite having a mild sweetness, this makes for a unique and refreshing option for a hot summer day.

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