Windows 8.1 ‘Smart Search’ Brings in Bing Ads

Windows 8.1 Smart Search Technology | Official Microsoft Blog

Windows 8.1 Smart Search Technology | Official Microsoft Blog

Windows 8.1’s “Smart Search” technology will feature Bing Ads on its search results, as Microsoft expands the search function to include Web to its results.

The company released the Smart Search as part of the Windows 8.1 preview last week. It is considered as the new “command line” for Windows 8 environment, wherein using the Search Charm within the Start page will produce results that includes apps, settings and files. In the new Windows operating system, however, search result is expanded by adding results from Web and Xbox Music app.

How Windows 8.1 Smart Search Technology Works

With the Windows 8.1 Smart Search technology, users will see a list of sponsored search results when they type in a particular query. They will also see the same results at Bing or Yahoo.

The search results will include the ad as the first result, followed by a Bing map if applicable, and then the most relevant result that the user is looking for. All of these are viewable without horizontally sliding or scrolling the screen. As stated by David Pann, the Microsoft Advertising Search Group general manager:

A key part of this journey is our pursuit of making search ever more relevant and engaging for consumers as their experiences evolve across new devices and platforms.

Pann also added that Windows 8.1 Smart Search ads enable advertiser campaigns that are already part of Yahoo Bing Network to be shown automatically—no additional setup needed.

In terms of search, it’s not surprising to know that Microsoft has lagged well behind Google. The company’s online business is continuously losing money. Placing ads within millions of PCs might help offset that loss.

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