NTT DoCoMo Still Refuses to Carry Apple’s iPhone

NTT DoCoMo Yoyogi Building in Shibuya, Tokyo | Wikipedia

NTT DoCoMo Yoyogi Building in Shibuya, Tokyo | Wikipedia

Japan’s largest wireless carrier, NTT DoCoMo, has lost 3.2 million subscribers during the past 4 and-a-half years because of their refusal to carry Apple’s iPhone.

However, industry pundits believe that the Japanese carrier will inevitably strike a deal with Apple if they will continue to lose subscribers. There were also claims that some NTT DoCoMo execs are pushing to have an agreement with the Cupertino-based company.

Issues Between Apple and NTT DoCoMo

Refusal to have a deal with Apple rooted from NTT DoCoMo’s desire on developing a “lifestyle system.” According to the telcom’s CEO Kaoru Kato, this system requires certain software to be pre-installed on phones. But the iPhone maker refuses such actions on their mobile devices, as well as place NTT DoCoMo’s logo on the handset.

The Japanese carrier may have also balked at Apple’s strict carrier requirements in order to offer iPhone in Japan. Due to this, they’ve shown no urgency in bringing the iPhone to the Japanese market.

Although NTT DoCoMo has refused to bring in Apple’s iPhone in Japan, the handset is still the most popular smartphone in the country. In fact, it represented 42 percent of the total share in the 2012 holiday shopping season.

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