Leaked Images of “iPhone Lite” Show Shell with No Exterior Buttons

Apple's iPhone 5 | Official Website

Apple’s iPhone 5 | Official Website

Leaked images of the so-called iPhone Lite’s rear shell emerged on the Web last Saturday. Suspiciously, the rear shell doesn’t have buttons.

Buttonless Rear Shell for ‘iPhone Lite’

Accessory reseller Techdy said in a blog post that they were able to acquire a white copy of the iPhone Lite’s rear shell from up-chain supply sources in China. It also includes a 4-inch display.

However, the component lacks exterior buttons, which makes the claims highly suspicious. There’s also the absence of shell cutouts—even for the power switch. This could mean that the sample is either an early working prototype or a fabrication.

Adding to the confusion is a metal anchor plate that is seated within the purported shell. The plate, which is meant for internal components, has cutouts for external controls like volume and power. However, Techdy’s shell shows only small holes where the ports are supposed to be located. This could mean that the plate came from a previously leaked shell, and was placed in the purported version.

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