PlayOn Brings Aereo TV Streaming to Android and Game Consoles

Aereo on Supported Devices | Official Website

Aereo on Supported Devices | Official Website

Last Tuesday, MediaMall Technologies announced last that their PlayOn PC-to-TV and mobile streaming service will bring Aereo to a new set of devices starting July 10. Because of this, PlayOn will be able to expand their services to Android devices, Google TV, and game consoles such as PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, and Wii U.

Availability and How it Works

Founded in February 2012, Aereo uses tiny remote antennas to get live over-the-air signals from major television networks. It will then route the signal to a user’s browser, iPod, iPad, Roku, or Apple TV through AirPlay.

Currently available with a monthly fee of $8 in Boston and New York, Aereo will brings its service to Atlanta on July 10 to complete its trio of starter cities. There are also plans of widening their coverage to 20 more cities in the US throughout 2013.

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