Stanford University Unveils Solar Car ‘Luminos’

Stanford Solar Car Project "Luminos" | IDG News YouTube Video

Stanford Solar Car Project “Luminos” | IDG News YouTube Video

Students at Stanford University took the wraps off their latest solar-powered car, Luminos, last Tuesday. The automobile is set to compete in The World Solar Challenge in Australia this October.

Under Luminos’ Hood

In terms of exterior design, the Luminos sits low to the ground with a long and curved body that’s covered with solar panels. Its curved body is an aerodynamics secret that enables it to generate less than half the drag while cruising. The driver will sit in the middle of the vehicle, and he can see the road through a small canopy that can be found at the center of the car.

According to Max Praglin, Stanford’s Solar Car Project electronics engineer, the car can silently cruise at 45 miles per hour when its solar panel are in full sunlight. When the sunlight doesn’t provide enough power, Luminos is powered by batteries that can take it to 150-200 miles.


The World Solar Challenge, which will take place on October 6 in Darwin, Australia, will pit 47 teams from 26 countries. It will cover 3,000 kilometers to Adelaide, Australia on October 13.

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