Microsoft to Remove Apps with Critical Vulnerabilities

Windows Store Apps and Features | Official Website

Windows Store Apps and Features | Official Website

Microsoft announced last Tuesday that they would remove apps they deemed critically vulnerable from the Windows Store. This new policy will also be employed to apps found in the Windows Phone Store, Office Store, and Azure Marketplace.

Because of this, they are requiring developers to patch their apps within 180 days or they will be removed. The execs also added that vulnerable apps being exploited in large scale will be pulled out from the Windows Store even sooner.

However, there will be cases wherein developers will receive more than 180 days to fix their apps. But according to Response Communications for Microsoft Trustworthy Computing Group Manage Dustin Childs, this is only meant for special cases and will be handled on an individual basis.

In addition, Microsoft released seven security bulletins last Tuesday, pointing out 34 vulnerabilities in Microsoft Windows, Internet Explorer, .NET Framework, Silverlight, GDI+, and Windows Defender.

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