Play Your Games Anywhere With the PS4 Digital Library

Curated User Page for PlayStation 4 | Official Website

Curated User Page for PlayStation 4 | Official Website

During the Develop event, Sony’s R&D Senior Team Leader Neil Brown revealed that users can access their PlayStation 4 games on any console. He added that the next-generation gaming system offers ‘Play as You Download’ option.

PS4 Digital Library and ‘Play As You Download’ Option

As Brown puts it, a gamer can visit a friend’s house, log in to their account, and play any game from their digital library.

What makes it cool is that users no longer need to wait half a day for the entire game to be installed and played. With Play as You Download, they can access the first section of the games quickly and start playing.

Brown also explained that players will no longer need to wait for their games to be installed. They play instantly, but still benefit from the fast loading and streaming from PS4’s hard drive because of the background processes. This makes the PS4 digital library a practical option.

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