Apple is Hiring Designers for the iWatch?

Apple's "iWatch" Patent | US Patent and Trademark Office

Apple’s “iWatch” Patent | US Patent and Trademark Office

Last Sunday’s reports claim that Apple is “aggressively” hiring designers for their iWatch team. Sources familiar with the news told Financial Times that the company is looking for people who can address the “hard engineering problems” on the wearable device that they were unable to solve.

There were also reports that the so-called iWatch will debut in late 2014. This goes in line with the recent estimates of KGI Securities’ Ming-chi Kuo. Last May, Kuo said that the unit will likely become available during the second half of next year.

It was also reported that the Cupertino-based company recently filed a protection for the “iWatch” moniker in Japan, Mexico, Russia and Taiwan. Earlier this month, Apple hired Paul Deneve, former CEO of Saint Laurent, to work on a “special project”. Some believe that this special project is related to wearable computing devices like the purported iWatch.

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