A First Look at Muku Lab’s Shuttr Remote Camera Control

Muku Shuttr Remote Camera Control | Muku Labs Website

Muku Shuttr Remote Camera Control | Muku Labs Website

Hong Kong-based Muku Labs recently introduced Muku Shuttr, a tiny remote shutter release button that can be connected to virtually any iOS or Android devices via Bluetooth. According Muku Lab’s Kevin Leung, it is the slimmest remote shutter release in the world.

Muku Shuttr’s Look and Feel

Muku Shuttr is like a miniature keyboard with one button that is mapped to the similar command of iOS’ “volume up button”. It should be recalled that Apple devices running iOS 5 can take pictures by pressing the volume up button instead of going through the on-screen user interface.

The control has a good build quality despite its ultrathin design. It also has minimal controls, which includes a large central shutter activation button. There are also two switches on the side for the power and the iOS/Android toggle switch.

How it Works

The Muku Shuttr is paired with an iOS or Android device via Bluetooth 3.0. The pairing is straightforward, with the device easily discovered when first turned on. As for other Bluetooth devices, users turn Shuttr on and press the button to reconnect with their smartphone after the initial pairing.

You’ll know when a device is successfully paired when the LED indicator is no longer blinking. Signal dropouts, on the other hand, occur at the edge of the advertised 30-foot radius.

Shuttr’s response time is quick, although it lacks a sort of confirmation that a picture was successfully taken—especially when using the mobile device’s rear-facing mode. As for other remote control options, autofocus is left to the smartphone. This means that user should properly frame a scene before taking a photo.

What’s cool about Muku Shuttr is that it can control an iPhone without the need to download any special apps. It also works with the third-party app, Camera+.

Muku Shuttr is now available for pre-order on Kickstarter for $29. It comes in black or white, with a rubber suction cup stand to support mobile devices when taking photos.

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