Apple Hinting at New Products for 2013

Apple Headquarters at Infinite Loop, Cupertino, California | Wikipedia

Apple Headquarters at Infinite Loop, Cupertino, California | Wikipedia

During the release of their latest financial report last Tuesday, Apple CEO Tim Cook confirmed that they will be releasing at least one new product this fall. Because of this, analysts and enthusiasts started to make a buzz.

However, the CEO and the entire company remained mum about their upcoming devices. There is also vagueness when it comes to the timeframe, but that’s understandable since an exact release date can be difficult to pin down.

Possible New Apple Products

A new iPhone tops the list of likely new Apple products. It is definitely a good bet, since the company never went on an entire calendar year without releasing a new smartphone. There were also rumors regarding the iPhone Lite, which is believed to be the iPhone maker’s response for the growing demand for older models in developing countries.

In addition, industry watchers are also anticipating the Apple smart watch and Apple TV. Last Monday’s reports also mentioned new iPad models with various screen sizes.


It will be a no-brainer if news, leaked information and more rumors will be heard this day forward. After all, it is Apple who gave hints. But as Tim Cook said, “We’ll announce things when we’re ready.”

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