Todoist: Now Available for iPad and Android Tablets

Todoist for iPad | Official Website

Todoist for iPad | Official Website

Popular task manager software, Todoist, is now available on 11 various technical platforms. Thanks to their latest addition, the Todoist for iPad and Android tablets. In a press release issued by the company, founder Amir Salihefendic stated:

Building the tablet versions wasn’t easy but we are sure the energy was well spent considering the millions of tablet users around the world. We’re really happy to serve these users with beautiful apps that are specially crafted for the tablet format.

Todoist’s Improved UI

Aside from being available to new platforms, Todoist also comes in with an improved user interface design. Its iPhone version in particular now features a new left panel and updated flat skin design, which also improves the user experience.

They also added the Inbox feature, allowing users to add items and tasks easily. It provides a centralized space where all new tasks will be added by default, making selection of a specific project to be assigned on each tasks unnecessary.

Todoist for iPad and Android tablets is now available at the App Store and Google Play, respectively.

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