Underground Hero: Love to Hate Me – Lamborghini Bosozoku


Maiham Media/Facebook

Why do people love to hate Moroshi-San? Maybe because he’s a “delinquent” who blazes through town in a Lamborghini, hangs out with beautiful women and embraces being a bad guy.

The story of Morohoshi-San, who claims to be a member of the notorious Japanese Yakuza, is so jealous-worthy that there’s a mini-documentary about the Lamborghini enthusiast, who’s so loaded that he customized a Lamborghini Diablo – Bosozoku styling -with unique neon lights.

The almost 8-minute clip was put together by Luke Huxham and Maiham Media, dubbed “Underground Hero: Love to Hate Me,” that not only follows Morohoshi-San, but also gives people a shocking glimpse into the subculture of Bosozoku, which is frowned by police. And, there are some awesome bikes and tricked-out supercars as well.

We don’t care why his connections are, we kinda hate Moroshi-San too.


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