Michael Holston’s Epic Fail; Oracle’s Gain

Michael Holston is not a name most people know, but this story at All Things D illustrates in pretty graphic fashion how guys like Holston were part of Hewlett-Packard’s gang that couldn’t shoot straight.


Holston was HP’s general counsel until Meg Whitman bounced him pretty early in her tenure. You have to wonder if episodes like the one involving Holston and Adrian Jones – just named to head Oracle’s Asia operations – is at least part of the reason why.

Jones used to work at HP and ankled in 2011 to join Mark Hurd at Oracle. Under Holston, HP sued Jones and alleged that he copied a bunch of sensitive documents on the way out the door.


He hadn’t.

In fact, the documents were copied by HP itself after Jones had already left.


Apparently, the case was settled quietly.

Jones gets the last laugh with a plum job.

And Holston? He’s at Merck.

As the chief ethics officer.

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