An iPhone Tool That Helps You Check If Your Veggies are Truly Organic

Lapka Personal Environment Monitor for iPhone | Amazon

If you’re the type of iPhone user who’s worried about breathing in harmful chemicals, the Lapka Personal Environment Monitor will be good for you.

It is a handy tool that works with your iPhone, helping you measure and monitor all the invisible things that are floating in the air. This includes humidity, electromagnetic fields, and radiation. This tool can also help you check if the “organic” goods you bought at the market or the grocery are indeed organic.


The Lapka Personal Environment Monitor for iPhone has free companion apps that take measurements from various rooms of your house or office.

  • Lapka EMF measure both high-frequency and low-frequency electromagnetic fields. This is useful if you’re looking for an ideal place to set up a bed, crib or work desk.
  • Lapka Humidity lets you find the relative humidity and temperature of any environment.
  • Lapka Organic features a stainless steel probe. It can be stuck into any fruit or vegetable to know if there’s a significant amount of nitrates in it.
  • Lapka Radiation gets the precise measurement of any radioactive particles in your environment, as well as how it can affect.

Think Geek is selling and shipping the Lapka Personal Environment Monitor via Amazon for $249.99.

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