Here’s How You Can Analyze Your BAC Like a Pro

BACtrack S80 Pro Breathalyzer | Amazon

BACtrack S80 Pro Breathalyzer

If you’re the type who loves to party on a Friday night, but worries if your alcohol intake is still within the legal driving limits, then the BACtrack Select S80 Pro Breathalyzer is what you need.

This breath analyzer is manufactured to meet the rigorous standards of professional alcohol screeners such as law enforcers, hospital workers and treatment professionals. It is also approved by US Department of Transportation and cleared by Food and Drug Administration for personal use.

BACtrack’s S80 Pro Breathalyzer features a one-button operation to detect trace amounts of alcohol. It also has a bright LCD screen that shows accurate four-digit results. The breath analyzer also boasts of the Xtend Sensor Technology that provides more accuracy than semiconductor-based sensors.

What’s cool about the BACtrack Select S80 Pro Breathalyzer is that it is very convenient. It has the size of a mobile phone, which can fit in pockets, purses, or glove compartments. This accurate and compact breath analyzer is now available 0n Amazon for $113.98 with free shipping.

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