Level Up Your Car’s Rear-View Mirror With This Android 4.0 Mirror Monitor

Shift Mirror Monitor on Android 4.0 | Amazon

Shift Mirror Monitor on Android 4.0

For $225.99, you can now step up your car’s rear-view mirror into a mirror monitor. This mirror monitor runs on Android 4.0, and makes your rear-view mirror way cooler than the average by recording videos, playing music, connecting to your mobile device via Bluetooth, or guiding you as you drive.

The Android 4.0 Rear-View Mirror Monitor has a built-in GPS Navigation, rotatable Dash camera, DVR system, Bluetooth headset, and Wi-Fi receiver. Moreover, the mobile operating system enables you to play games, surf the Internet, and download more functions straight from Google Play.

Featuring a 5-inch capacitive touch screen, the mirror monitor is easy to install and can fit over your car’s old rear-view mirror. Other technical details include Allwinner A13 Cortex A8 dual core processor, which lets you run multitasking apps smoothly.

If you want to have an ultra high-tech car gadget,  Android 4.0 Rear-View Mirror Monitor is the deal!

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