Power Up Your Mobile Devices on the Go With This Solar Charger

FreeLoader Pico Solar Charger | Amazon

FreeLoader Pico Solar Charger

If you are a tech geek and an avid outdoor adventurer, then the FreeLoader Pico Solar Charger is a handy piece for you. This compact and lightweight solar charger has premium quality crystalline solar cells, which soak in the rays of the sun.  It can charge your phone or tablet up to thirty minutes. Check out the features:

  • Can be used for small electronic devices
  • Uses advanced solar cell and lithium ion battery technology
  • With an internal battery that’s chargeable via USB
  • Charging provides up to:
    • 35 hours on mobile phone
    • 14 hours on iPad
    • 1.5 hours on GPS
    • Master power cable and adapters that can fit most smart phones or any device with USB charge or sync cable

For as low as $47.95, you can purchase the FreeLoader Pico Solar Charger on Amazon.

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