President Obama Vetoes Ban on Apple Products

The White House - South Portico | Wikipedia

The White House – South Portico | Wikipedia

In a report posted by The Wall Street Journal, US President Barrack Obama vetoes the ban on older Apple devices created by Samsung. This move was made out of concerns over Standard Essential Patents used to take “undue leverage.”

Last June, the International Trade Commission imposed a ban on older iPhone and iPad models, which is set to take effect today. However, it is based on a patent asserted by the South Korean tech giant, which is key to implementing industry wireless network standards and compatibility.

The ITC Ban Controversy

Since the patent in question is “standard essential,” Samsung licensed the technology under Fair, Reasonable and Nondiscriminatory rates. This made the company’s attempt to leverage the patent, and block Apple’s sales through an ITC import ban, very controversial. It is also deemed out of step, considering the series of recent worldwide legal rulings.

As a result, the ban was opposed by a group of US senators and companies. The latter includes AT&T, Intel, Microsoft, Oracle, and Verizon. All of them appealed to the US administration to exercise a veto.

Meanwhile, ITC was instructed by the administration to “examine thoroughly and carefully on its own initiative the public interest issues presented both at the outset of its proceeding and when determining whether a particular remedy is in the public interest.” The commission is also asked to heed “the standard-essential nature of the patent at issue.”

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