In the Wild: Video of Partially Assembled Next-Gen iPad

Apple's iPad Mini | Official Website

Apple’s iPad Mini | Official Website

Last Saturday, Japanese website Mac Otakara uploaded a short video on its YouTube channel showing a partially completed, next-generation iPad.

The clip shows a 9.7-inch Apple tablet with the rear shell attached to a front cover panel. The unreleased device features design cues that were taken from the iPad Mini, which include rounded corners, thinner bezels, and a rear-facing microphone.

The device appears thinner than the existing models, and boasts a translucent Apple logo that is akin to the MacBook lineup. What’s obviously missing is the tablet’s internal circuitry.

Mac Otakara’s latest video doesn’t give much information regarding the supposed next-generation iPad. Nevertheless, it offers how the purported device might look like. It is expected that Apple will release a refreshed iPad model later this year, with rumors stating that the design will be more in line with the iPad Mini.


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