Organize Loads of Stuff on iPhone with ‘Grid’ App

Grid for iPhone | iTunes

Grid for iPhone | iTunes

You can now sort your clutter in little space on your iPhone with Grid. Whether you’re just planning for an out-of-the-country adventure, working on a project with your collaborators, or you’re just obsessive-compulsive, this free app easily displays tons of information in a sensible way.

How Grid Works

The Grid for iPhone lets you create grids of related items such as texts, images, maps, photos, and contacts. It even includes intuitive touch gestures. What’s cool about this mobile application is that you can share your grids with your friends and co-workers as soon as you’re done organizing your stuff.

In order to store and view your content on Grid, just follow the simple instructions below:

  • Press and hold to move tiles around
  • Double tap to preview or get more details on a tile
  • Create lists, tables, collages and more!
  • Keep track of recipes, quotes, and grocery lists
  • Keep notes, storyboard ideas, and presentations

It also has the Maestro feature, which is the app’s unique way of collecting and expressing your ideas. This feature is comprised of a special set of moves, which offers mastery over your Grid’s space and content.

Grid is definitely a place where your ideas fit.

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