Samsung’s V-NAND Flash Memory is in the Works

3D V-NAND Flash Memory Chip | Samsung News Portal

3D V-NAND Flash Memory Chip | Samsung News Portal

It was reported that Samsung is already working on flash memory chips, which, according to claims, are to be twice as fast, and up to 10 times more durable, than existing mobile flash storage. Dubbed as V-NAND flash memory, the component takes advantage of a 3D structure.

Samsung Semiconductor’s Director of NAND Marketing Steve Weigner added that its storage modules are stacked vertically. This is due to the fact that placing NAND flash devices horizontally is becoming more challenging with shrinking chip sizes.

NAND Flash vs. V-NAND Flash

What differentiates a V-NAND flash memory from the NAND is the 3D memory. The chip’s storage modules are placed side by side, while one chip package is stacked with 24 NAND layers. Each stack is connected by a proprietary interconnect, which makes the 3D storage faster than the existing models.

Weigner added that 3D stacking helps build flash products with huge capacities. Thus, it is possible that initial products will feature 128 GB to 1 TB capacities.

Meanwhile, there were claims that Samsung is producing the new flash chips in volume, and they are shipping the units to companies for qualifications and testing. Weigner also said that the V-NAND flash memory will possibly appear in enterprise solid-state drives this year, followed by the mobile devices in 2014.

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