No Price Cuts for Microsoft Xbox One

Microsoft's Xbox One | Official Website

Microsoft’s Xbox One | Official Website

It appears that Microsoft will not be announcing any price cut for their upcoming Xbox One despite the insistent public demand. In the news posted by the Danish gaming website, 4 Player, a company representative pointed out that the gaming experience featured in the console will be worth the prize.

We are very confident with the value we provide at $499 and the unparalleled, all in one games and entertainment experience that Xbox One offers.

With the inclusion of Kinect in the Xbox One, it only makes sense that Microsoft won’t reduce the price of their next-generation gaming system.

Other Changes on Xbox One

In another news, there have been reports that the Xbox One’s GPU now boasts an improved clock speed. However, the additional 53 MHz in the component’s clock speed appears to be a software update in the operating system, and has nothing to do with the hardware.

Building a console like Xbox One entails years of planning, supply chain management, purchasing agreements for components, etc and is for the most part locked at the time you start to put development kits into the hands of developers.

Simply put, other components of Xbox One are the same as we know them.

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