Project Phoenix Cut Scenes to be Voiced in English and Japanese

"Project Phoenix" Developer Team Screenshot | Kickstarter

“Project Phoenix” Developer Team Screenshot | Kickstarter

Now garnering over $200,000 pledges on Kickstarter, the team behind Project Phoenix shared their basic plan with regards to the game’s cut scenes. According to them, they are planning to voice the cut scenes in both English and Japanese. On the other hand, stretch goals for full voice acting and localization are still being decided.

In addition, the development team is not planning to stop at $1.65 million, as they already have a list of what to include in Project Phoenix after that. As to what they should prioritize will be partly based on feedback from backers.

Gamers, meanwhile, should not need to worry if they don’t care much about downloadable content. That’s because the team hates “charging people for little bits and pieces”. However, updates to address the bugs and gameplay balance will be available in the future.

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