Xbox One No Longer Needs Kinect Connectivity

Microsoft's Xbox One | Official Website

Microsoft’s Xbox One | Official Website

In the recent Ask Microsoft Anything with gaming website IGN, it was revealed that Kinect is no longer required for Xbox One to function.

As stated by Xbox Corporate Vice President Marc Whitten, owners of the upcoming game console can still use the system’s core functions whether a new Kinect sensor is connected or not. Of course, a number of Kinect features, such as player identification, voice commands and many more, will be disabled. However, players can still access games and entertainment content.

The news marks another significant revision on the Xbox One. Following the E3 event last June, Microsoft announced that they’ve revised the plans to restrict used games. After that, requiring a constant Internet connection was also abandoned. The latter garnered backlash from the gaming community after it was announced.

This is good news to gamers who are planning to purchase the Xbox One, as Microsoft’s decision to drop mandatory Kinect connectivity allows for a more affordable version of the console.

Microsoft Xbox One is expected to become available on November of this year, just in time for the holiday season.

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