YouTube App for Windows Phone Makes a Comeback

YouTube for Windows Phone | Windows Phone Store

YouTube for Windows Phone | Windows Phone Store

A YouTube app, which is authored by Microsoft, returns in the Windows Phone Store, hopefully putting an end to its rivalry with Google. The Google vs. Microsoft dispute has prevented Windows Phone users from accessing the search engine giant’s video service.

It was pointed out that the new YouTube app was developed by Microsoft, and has nothing to do with Google or its video-sharing subsidiaries. However, some users are still complaining that the application still taps on the HTML 5 mobile that was developed by the video-sharing site. As a result, the YouTube for Windows Phone appears to be a Web app rather than the mobile application that users have been hoping for.

The Google vs. Microsoft Dispute

Prior to this, Microsoft has always hoped to build a YouTube app for their mobile operating system. However, Google hasn’t provided the necessary APIs to enable it. Thus, the Redmond, Washington-based company developed and released a YouTube app in early May. Their version of the application does not show ads or even allow users to download the videos. Google gave it a thumbs-down.

The new YouTube app, on the other hand, now shows ads whenever a video is played. It is also deemed to be a product of a Google-Microsoft partnership. Both companies put an end on their dispute, making a promise to collaborate on a new Windows Phone application.

New YouTube for Windows Phone Features

Released last Tuesday, the YouTube for Windows Phone allows users to pin a video, playlist, or YouTube channel on a Windows Phone screen as a Live Tile. They can also upload clips within the app itself.

The app also takes advantage of the Windows Phone’s “Kid’s Corner” functionality, wherein users can access and manage their unique profile page—including children’s. Users can also find videos easily with the search bar, and clips can be emailed, send via SMS, and shared to social networks.

But what makes YouTube for Windows Phone a must-have is its large scope of videos that are being uploaded every minute.

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