Samsung Sees Wide Acceptance of V-NAND Flash in the Industry

3D V-NAND Flash Memory Chip | Samsung News Portal

3D V-NAND Flash Memory Chip | Samsung News Portal

According to Jim Elliot, Samsung Electronics’ vice president of memory marketing, the 3D V-NAND flash memory will dramatically increase the number of PCs and enterprise storage that will use the memory system in the next decade.

During the Flash Memory Summit in Santa Clara, California last Tuesday, he added that over the next ten years, the new flash memory will triple the percentage of client devices, as well as double the enterprise storage systems.

The dense media, which is made by stacking cells on top of each other, will increase the flash memory market. That’s because the system has lower cost per gigabyte for consumer devices. It can also provide greater endurance for enterprise storage.

Samsung’s 3D V-NAND Flash Memory is believed to boost performance and efficiency over existing models. As of the moment, it is being shipped to manufacturers for sampling, and it comes in 960 GB and 480 GB versions. The 960 GB version provides bigger performance gains, increases sequential and random write speeds by 20 percent, and reduces power consumption by over 40 percent.

However, pricing for the next-generation flash memory is yet to be disclosed.

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