Google: Looking for Experts for Upcoming Helpouts Video Service

Google Helpouts | Official Website

Google Helpouts | Official Website

It appears that Google is stepping up their video service and social networking efforts by inviting experts to share their know-how. That’s because they are working on launching Helpouts video calling program.

It is a face-to-face, live video-calling service that is based on the Google+ Hangouts. The service is designed to allow professionals and experts on a certain area share their knowledge with other people. As posted on the service’s current landing page:

Helpouts is a new way to connect people who need help with people who can give help, over live video, anytime, anywhere.

Calling All Experts

Although Helpouts is not yet available to the public, Google is looking to attract experts to offer sessions once it goes live. According to the company’s spokeswoman, interested people can submit their contact information. They will then receive an invitation for application when the search engine giant deems that they are a good fit.

Once the service becomes available, expert providers can charge for their sessions or offer it for free. However, a platform fee must still be paid.

This will make it easy for people to grow their businesses by setting their own rate and receiving payment online through Google Wallet. They can also work on their schedule. Users, on the other hand, are enabled to start or join a call from their desktop, Android mobile devices, iPhone or iPad.

Google Helpouts: What Lies Ahead

Google Helpouts could provide an additional platform for the search engine giant to attract new users beyond its social network.

It can also give them a strong e-commerce business by providing users with more personalized information from the experts. This information is something that they can’t acquire from a simple Google search. In addition, this upcoming video call service will step up Google’s level of interaction and qualification of the experts.

The search engine giant declined to say when the Helpouts will become available. However, they said that it will be rolled out soon.

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