Google Hastens Chromecast Shipments

Google Chromecast | Amazon

Google Chromecast | Amazon

It was reported that Google has reduced the time that users need to wait to receive their Chromecast TV device.

As posted on the Google Play Store, the $35 unit will ship by September 3. But prior to this, the search engine giant did not provide a specific date, and only noted that it will be shipped within three weeks from the date of purchase. However, low inventory led to cancelled orders and delayed shipments.

Despite that, demand for Chromecast remains strong. In fact, a Best Buy store on 5th Avenue, New York City received 50 units, which were sold in a matter of hours. The TV device is also available on Amazon, although the online retailer posted that it is out of stock as of the moment.

Announced last July, the Google Chromecast is plugged into a TV’s HDMI port to allow smart TV functionality such as Netflix and YouTube streaming to bigger screens. Although its service is still limited, its low price makes it an attractive buy.

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