Hackers Leak GTA V’s Soundtrack and Cut Scenes

Grand Theft Auto V | Wikipedia

Grand Theft Auto V | Wikipedia

Upcoming Rockstar Games title Grand Theft Auto V recently gained publicity after its digital assets were leaked on the Web. It was reported that hackers were able to gain access to the game’s soundtrack and cut scenes (which can be treated as a spoiler), and leaked it to those who pre-ordered the title’s digital version.

Grand Theft Auto games are known for its great soundtracks. A look on the leaked track list shows great songs, including Snoop Lion’s Gin ‘n Juice, Saturday Night’s Alright (For Fighting) by Sir Elton John, and Black Flag’s My War.

On the other hand, Sony stated their apologies to Rockstar and GTA fans on their PlayStation Blog. The company also removed the ability for users to download digital copies of the game, which they can play at launch, to prevent other hackers from accessing and leaking the soundtrack and cut scenes.

Rockstar Games also voiced out their disappointment regarding the issue. They also issued a warning to all their community members from propagating the leaks and spoilers through their Newswire:

Please do not proliferate such things here as we certainly don’t want any misinformation spread from things that are fake nor do we want spoilers spread regarding anything that might be true. Anyone engaging in such discussion here at Rockstar Newswire before September 17th will have commenting privileges revoked until well after the game’s release.

Grand Theft Auto V is expected to hit stores on September 17.

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