Microsoft Increases Space for SkyDrive Pro to 25 GB

Microsoft SkyDrive | Microsoft Official Website

Microsoft SkyDrive | Microsoft Official Website

Last Tuesday, Microsoft announced that they will be increasing their storage service for SkyDrive Pro. From 7 GB, the company bumped it up to 25 GB for all paying customers.

In addition, users can raise it up to a maximum of 100 GB by purchasing more space for 25 cents per gigabyte every month. The Recycle Bin retention was also boosted to 90 days, giving people three months to restore their deleted file before it is gone for good. Microsoft also expanded the maximum file size to 2 GB.

The increase in SkyDrive Pro’s storage capacity is Microsoft’s response to the increasing competition in the cloud storage services. Users of Office 365 Home Premium and dedicated Office 365 subscribers are not eligible for the upgrade.

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