Kickstarter Campaign ‘Gridiron Thunder’ Raises Suspicion

Gridiron Thunder | Kickstarter

Gridiron Thunder | Kickstarter

An Ouya title, Gridiron Thunder, is starting to cause suspicions after it was able to reach its $75,000 goal on Kickstarter despite having few backers.

The controversial game taps on pro football, and is designed for Ouya, Facebook, as well as iOS and Android devices. It will be available to Ouya for the first six months to take advantage of the platform’s Free the Games Fund campaign.

The initiative is meant to double their money up to $250,000 of any game that will raise funds through Kickstarter. However, the title must pledge six months exclusivity to Ouya and must raise at least $50,000.

What raises people’s eyebrows is the identity of the Gridiron Thunder’s backers. There were allegations that a number of their supporters were fabricated in order to squeeze out money from Ouya. In fact, the game was able to raise more than $78,000 as of the moment from 140 backers. Furthermore, it was reported that many of the backers used newly created profiles. Many of them also chose to pass up the rewards included in high-donation tiers.

Despite that, Ouya stated their support for Gridiron Thunder through their Twitter account. They also shared the same sentiment in a report posted by gaming website Joystiq:

[B]ased on our program’s guidelines, the team behind Gridiron Thunder have successfully qualified to receive match and we couldn’t be more excited to see them bring their game along with their supportive community to Ouya.

Meanwhile, Andrew Won, the CEO of MogoTXT that developed Gridiron Thunder, denied any wrongdoing. He even explained the amounts donated by backpackers:

We have had some generous donors but so have other Kickstart campaigns. In our case, we have very deep roots in Silicon Valley and great ties to fellow tech entrepreneurs in San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. We also have friends in the professional sports world who want us to succeed. I don’t think there is anything wrong with having generous supporters, and we make no apology for this. It does not violate any Kickstarter or Ouya rule.

It was also reported that Ouya’s Free the Games Fund will only match 25 percent to the total raised on Kickstarter. The remaining 75 percent will be handed upon the game’s release. So in case Gridiron Thunder is a scam, its game developer won’t be able to receive the rest of the bulk unless it becomes available on Ouya.

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