“Hands On” Video of iPhone 5C Posted Online

Apple iPhone 5 | Apple Official Website

Apple iPhone 5 | Apple Official Website

Chinese tech blog C Technology posted a “hands on” video of a purported iPhone 5C last Monday. This is the first time that Apple’s low-cost handset was seen completely assembled and powered on.

Due to the video’s low quality, nothing much can be seen on the 50-second clip. However, the device in question appears to boast a red or pink plastic shell—a feature expected by the industry watchers.

Despite the grainy image, an ear speaker and front-facing camera are visible. It also highlights the Safari app while browsing the Apple webpage. There’s also the plane icon that can barely be made out at the top left corner of the screen, indicating an Airplane Mode. This means that the so-called iPhone 5C is operating on Wi-Fi. The handset’s scrolling and gesture input also seems to be in line with the current generation technology.

Meanwhile, the device’s right hand portion displays the AssistiveTouch icon. It is an iOS accessibility feature that is designed to help with UI navigation.

However, it should also be noted the highly anticipated iPhone 5C is rumored to sport the same design as the existing models. This could mean that the device on the video is “hybridized” with the internals of an iPhone 5 on iOS 7, shoehorned into a leaked iPhone 5C plastic shell. Nonetheless, all about this low-cost iPhone is expected to be revealed on Apple’s upcoming media event on September 10.

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