5 Reasons Ben Affleck Is Going To Rule As Batman/Bruce Wayne


Ben Affleck is the new Bruce Wayne/Batman. Get over it. It’s happening.

While Ben Affleck wasn’t on most people’s list of possible candidates for Batman, hopefully by now all the freaking out has subsided. But, there are still people who are insisting that Ben Affleck will ruin the Caped Crusader. Guess what? You’re wrong. And, here are five reasons why.

5. He’s Already Been A Superhero


Daredevil may not have been a cinematic classic, but it’s not as terrible as you may recall. Seriously. Give it another watch. Anyways, Affleck didn’t give his finest performance either, but he did manage to pull off a duel role, meaning portraying Matt Murdock and Daredevil. That’s not an easy task. And, no matter  how Daredevil turned out, that movie should have given Affleck some experience, whether good or bad, on how to portray a superhero. Besides. You can’t fault Affleck for the shortcomings of Daredevil. There was only so much he could do with that script and direction. For example, remember that movie Larry Crowne? It had two Oscar winners in it, Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts, and that was a pretty bad movie.

4. He Has The Looks

Joss Whedon, the dude spearheading Marvel’s cinematic universe, made this call immediately. Affleck has the perfect chin for the cape and the cowl. That sounds silly, but that’s a major consideration for the Batman role. And, he’s jacked. Without getting all Kevin Smith man-crush on Affleck, the dude will definitely look the part. And, he’s also going to look the part of Bruce Wayne. Just look at him rocking that suit in the above image. He pulls that off perfectly. He totally looks like Bruce Wayne.

3. He’s A Fan


Affleck is a comic fan. He always has been. He’s not one of these actors who get a leading role in a comic-based movie and then try to catch up on the source material. Affleck’s a geek. And, he’s living every fanboy’s dream. He’s playing freaking Batman. Do you really think that a fan of the Dark Knight is going to ruin such an important and iconic character? No way. Affleck will treat the role with respect and will do the character justice.

2. He’s Become a Respected Actor/Director


For years people hated on Affleck’s acting skills, or lack of. Then a funny thing happened. He went behind the camera and directed several flicks. He also starred in a couple of them. And, guess what? People realized that Ben Affleck was a talented guy. The Town and Argo earned Affleck not only praise from critics and fans, but also the Academy Awards. We don’t know what changed, but Affleck has refined his skills and has proven that he can indeed act. As for the directing part, don’t you think that Zach Snyder welcomes the addition of an Oscar-winning director to the cast? We think if he gets stuck Ben will be there to offer some advice.

1. He’s A Boss


One of the biggest concerns about Affleck is that he’s not really a tough guy. Not only that, but how on Earth could Ben Affleck’s Batman challenge Superman? While some aspects of that will get ironed out in the film, we submit to you these pieces of evidence that prove Ben Affleck is a boss. The top video is a fan-made trailer for the tentatively titled Man of Steel sequel Batman vs. Superman , it’s awesome. The bottom clips are from Boiler Room and The Town. All three show Affleck can be a force to reckon with.

Warning, some language is NSFW.



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