Bionym’s Nymi: Turning Your Heartbeat into a Password

Bionym's Nymi | Official Website

Bionym’s Nymi | Official Website

As passwords are becoming a thing of the past, many technologies nowadays are working on the next method for securing online accounts. This includes fingerprints, magic rings, and even brain waves.

However, a Toronto-based company Bionym is getting to the heart of the matter with Nymi. It is a wristband that confirms a user’s identity through electrocardiogram (ECG) sensors, which monitors the heartbeat and authenticates a wide array of devices.

According to its developers, the peaks and valleys of a user’s heartbeat are more difficult to imitate than external biometric systems.

How Nymi Works

In order for a user to register his identity, he needs to touch the sensor on top of the wristband for about two minutes. Nymi will then record the user’s ECG signature.

To access a device, like an iPad or a car, a user will need to touch the top of the wristband for a few seconds while Nymi cross-references the heartbeat. Once authenticated, it will connect to an app running of a designated device via Bluetooth.

Linked devices will be locked automatically if the user removes his wristband.

Other Features

Aside from securing online accounts, Nymi also appears to have gesture control capabilities. A wave of a hand, for example, could unlock a car’s passenger-side door. It will also include vibration alert for email and social media messages that will appear on a small LED screen.

A secure payment feature is also in the works, which will enable users to swipe their wristband at the checkout lane. The amount will then be deducted from their bank account.


Compatible with iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac OS X devices, Nymi is now available for pre-order. Price starts at $79.

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