The 25 Best Maddenisms of All Time


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John Madden is a without doubt a legend. He’s a Super Bowl-winning head coach. Famed NFL color commentator. A Hall of Famer. Turducken lover. And, the face behind one of the greatest, and longest-running, sports video game ever.

Despite all of these accomplishments, John Madden also has a reputation for blaring out some of the most head-scratching quotes football has ever heard. Some are just extremely obvious observations, while others are just, well, dumb. Regardless, these hysterical quotes have become another part of Madden’s legendary career.

In honor of the recent release of Madden 25, as well as, the upcoming 2013-13 NFL season, we’ve put together a collection of John Madden’s 25 greatest quotes. Which we’ve dubbed Maddenisms.


25. “There’s a lot of letters in Ladanian Tomlinson”

24. “See, well ya see, the thing is, he should have caught that ball. But the ball is bigger than his hands.”

23. “To get more yards, it’s best to move the ball from the line of scrimmage down the field.”

22. “Boom, boom, foom, poom! He just ran right at ’em!”

21. “A team should never practice on a field that is not lined. Your players have to become aware of the field’s boundaries.”

20. “If you lose your best cornerback and punter, I’d say that’s a double loss.”

19. “When you have great players, playing great, well that’s great football!”

18. “It’s 3rd and 20..They need a good play here.”

17. “Here’s a guy who when he runs, he moves faster.”

16. “Whenever you talk about a Mike Shanahan offense, you’re always going to be talking about his offense.”

15. “In order for this team to win the game, the quarterback has to throw the ball.”

14. “When your arm gets hit, the ball is not going to go where you want it to.”

13. “The defense should be expecting a run or a pass here.”

12. “When its raining the field gets wet, then all of a sudden everyones running slower”

11. “The Dallas Cowboys have 2 types of plays in their playbook. Passing plays, and running plays.”

10. “Mark Brunell usually likes to soak his balls before a rainy game.”

9. “Here’s a guy, here’s a guy who when he puts his contacts in, he can see better”

8. “The best feeling is watching a real football game, because the games they show in the movies aren’t real.”

7. “There definitely needs to be water on the sidelines for these players, but I also had some Gatorade just in case they were allergic to the water or vice versa.”

6. “He would have scored a touchdown if he hadn’t been tackled right there.”

5. “Hey, the offensive linemen are the biggest guys on the field, they’re bigger than everybody else, and that’s what makes them the biggest guys on the field.”

4. “Some yards is better than none yards?”

3. “Usually the team that scores the most points wins the game.”

2. “If this team doesn’t put points on the board I don’t see how they can win.”

1. “If the quarterback throws the ball in the endzone and the wide receiver catches it, it’s a touchdown.”

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