The Top 10 Essential Mobile Apps For College Students

If you’re a college student, chances are that you’re back at school. You’ve probably been ready for your return to college for sometime too, what with extra cash, textbooks, notebooks and materials to construct a killer beer funnel. But, with all the classes, partying and getting adjusted to college life, you probably didn’t load up your smartphone with some essential apps.

Sure. You have Facebook, Twitter and some sort of fantasy sports app, but there are hundreds of apps out there that can make your school career so much more convenient and stress-free. In case it slipped your mind, or you weren’t just aware, here are 10 essential apps for college students.

10. Wi-Fi Finder


Google Play

Life is essentially useless if you’re not connected online. The Wi-Fi finder will ensure that you’re never without a wireless connection again by scanning for a Wi-Fi hotspot. This app is available in both iTunes and the Google Play store.

9. SnapChat



You don’t have to be intoxicated to take some questionable photo ops or videos while away at school. Thankfully, SnapChat can allow you to capture a moment without the fear of your parents, significant other or blackmailing roommate stumbling upon the evidence.

8. Scoutmob


It’s bad enough to be hungry, like borderline starvation hunger, but having to worry about your funds just makes life miserable. That’s when coupons  become a real lifesaver. Scoutmob is a free app that can find you discounts at local restaurants, bars, cafes and shops in almost every major city in the country.

7. Mint


Speaking of keeping track of your cash supply, offers an extremely useful app that does exactly that. Not only can you manage and keep track of your money, you’ll also have access to you recent transactions and alerts you if your account is getting on the low side. Best of all? It’s free.

6. Snap2PDF


PenPower, Inc

Instead of filling up your backpack and dorm room with notebooks and binders, download the Snap2PDF apps for $2.99. This app allows you to capture any handout/textbook and convert it into a PDF. It will probably save you some dough in the long run, too, because you could just scan some other person’s pricey textbook.

5. DrinkOwl


Google Play

Everyone knows that drinking is a part of the college experience, so why not be the person who knows where all the open liquor stores and bars are in your neighborhood? The free DrinkOwl app also lists the specials, happy hours, and coupons at nearby watering holes.

4. Highlight


One of the most important parts of college is meeting new people. So, why not let technology lend you a hand? There’s a ton of people discovery apps out there, but Highlight is definitely the bees knees. This app notifies you when close friends are in town and even connects you with other like-minded Highlight users nearby. It can even break the ice by providing you with a profile.

3. Evernote


Whether it’s a grocery list, class notes or some cool pictures from around campus, Evernote is a perfect tool for students. The app takes all of these reminders, thoughts, and images and organizes everything across all of the devices you use, so you can actually know what’s going on in your hectic life.

2. DropBox



You most likely already have Dropbox, but if not, then what are you waiting for? This app makes doing a group assignment run so much smoother since it allows sharing files between people so quick and painless.

1. Amazon Student


Google Play

Textbooks are kind of  expensive.  To help find the best possible price, grab the Amazon Student app. All you have to do is snap a pic of your book’s barcode, and it’ll tell you where to find the best bargain. Best of all, you can sell back your old used textbooks in exchange for Amazon gift cards, which is totally better than being told by your school’s book store that they’re not buying it back. Amazon Student also gives you the options to rent a textbook or download it on Kindle if you’re a procrastinating echo warrior.

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