‘The Evolution of the PlayStation Controller’ Infographic

If you’ve been a PlayStation gamer since the system’s inception in the ancient age of 1994, then you totally know that Sony has made plenty of upgrades. One of the most glaring changes that the PlayStation has undergone throughout the years has been featured on the controller.

If you compare the controller from the original system, you’d realize that the DualShock 3 has come quite a long way in terms of aesthetic and function. But, when the PS4 drops on November 15, 2013, the latest controller – the DualShock 4 – will be almost unrecognizable.

Thanks to the folks over at PSMania, we now have a nifty infographic that clearly illustrates the evolution of the PlayStation controller. So take a trip down memory lane and get you nostalgia on by checking out the graph below.

The Evolution of the PlayStation Controller

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