Apple’s iPhone 5C to Benefit T-Mobile

Apple's iPhone 5 | Official Website

Apple’s iPhone 5 | Official Website

According to some analysts, the debut of Apple’s low-cost iPhone 5C will have great domestic benefit for T-Mobile. That’s because the network carrier appeals to more budget-oriented customers. It should be recalled that earlier this year, T-Mobile and Apple signed a deal that would finally bring the iPhone to the fourth-largest US carrier in April of this year.

In relation to this, industry pundits expect that the more affordable iPhone model will lure the customers away from larger telecoms such as AT&T and Verizon to T-Mobile. It is not just because of the handset’s affordability, but also because of the company’s flexible service plans.

T-Mobile Store in Leeds | Wikipedia

T-Mobile Store in Leeds | Wikipedia

Customers who will pay full price for a new iPhone are not obliged to sign a two-year contract to get the device on a subsidized price. T-Mobile also doesn’t require their customers to sign a contract, allowing their subscribers to make a switch anytime they want without paying a penalty.

With regards to the iPhone 5C, it is expected to carry a price tag between $400 and $500 without the subsidy. Though it is set to be sold worldwide, it is believed that the handset was designed with the Chinese market in mind. That’s because customers there prefer buying their mobile devices without subsidy.

Apple’s special media event is set to take place today at 10:00 AM (PT), where they are expected to take the wraps off of their next-generation iPhone 5S and low-cost iPhone 5C.

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