A First Look at Apple’s iPhone 5S

Apple iPhone 5S | Official Website

Apple iPhone 5S | Official Website

Anticipation about Apple’s next-generation has finally put to rest after the company announced their iPhone 5S in a special media event last Tuesday.

Aesthetics and Exterior Design

In terms of exterior design, the iPhone 5S has the same dimension as the iPhone 5. It is as solid as its predecessor, with the same button-and-switch feel, although it appears lighter. Additionally, the new model comes with minor tweaks such as the Touch ID fingerprint sensor and dual-LED flash.

Touch ID Fingerprint Sensor

Perhaps one of the coolest features of the iPhone 5S is the Touch ID fingerprint sensor. It replaces the home button’s familiar square button with a blank sapphire cover that is encircled by a stainless steel ring.

The steel ring, which is used to detect finger contact, is slightly beveled. It is also more likely to protect the sapphire cover from being scratched. Most importantly, the Touch ID blends in nicely with the device’s sleek design.


Apple’s iPhone 5S, which is introduced in Slate and Black, Space Gray, and Gold Hue, will be available on stores starting September 20.

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