New Google Glass App as a Tool for Teaching American Sign Language

Google Glass | Official Website

Google Glass | Official Website

Life at Google posted on their Google+ account about Google Glass being used as a tool to help people learn American Sign Language.

Meet SMARTsign for Glass

Glass Lead Designer and Georgia Tech professor, Thad Starner, shared SMARTsign for Glass, a demonstration of ASL learning through Google Glass. This is ideal for parents of deaf children.

It was originally developed by Kim Xu for Android devices when she was still a PhD student at Georgia Tech. Xu showcases the potential of modifying existing Google Glass apps to take advantage of its features. With SMARTsign for Glass, users can have ASL microlessons pushed to the Glass at various time intervals throughout the day.

How SMARTsign for Glass Works

The app pushes sign language quizzes to a user’s Glass based on his or her assigned time intervals throughout the day. During a quiz, he or she will see a video of a sign, and can select the correct answer from a set of choices.

Also available for Android devices, SMARTsign allows users to search for signs via text or voice input. The app will then show a video demonstration of the sign. It also includes a record feature, which enables the parent to view and compare his or her signs to the example video. Xu added that the SMARTsign for Glass supplements the Android app, giving the parents more time to practice.

You don’t always have your phone as often as you think you do. If you’re wearing Glass, it’s all the time, so you can have more lessons throughout the day.

As of the moment, only the quiz portion is available on SMARTsign for Glass. Xu is hoping that the record-and-search function will be added to the app in the future.


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